Wednesday, 20 March 2013

10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health Industry 2013-14

The food and beverage industry’s most-used guide to the trends driving the business of food and health. Published each year since 1996, our long-term forecast enables companies to formulate their innovation and strategy plans around our trends analysis – as many, many companies tell us they do.

10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2013

Key Trend 1: Naturality – a trend that’s powering successful innovations
What “natural” means to consumers
“Naturally functional” needs no health claims
Four factors of success for naturality
A strategy that makes premium prices possible
Key Trend 2: Energy – huge untapped potential
“Natural energy” the new focus
New opportunities in energy
Caffeine – the winning ingredient
Campbell’s debuts energy shot from vege nutrition
Key Trend 3: Digestive health 
The digestive health success story
Consumers need help with digestion
Few opportunities for probiotic dairy in Europe
Fibre – the biggest untapped opportunity
Health claims create a digestive health opportunity
Key Trend 4: Feel the benefit – the most powerful marketing tool
1. Feel the benefit
2. Measure the benefit and show it to them
3. Support the effect with science
Key Trend 5: Weight management – where success requires service
Weight management using “regular foods”
Protein to the fore
Fibre has natural appeal
Satiety fails to fly – so far
Providing a service is essential
Differentiate yourself from the competition
Key Trend 6: Movement – muscle, bone and joint health
1. Maintaining muscle strength – fighting sarcopenia
2. Bone health – Anlene leds the way
Key Trend 7: Senior nutrition – the key driver in food and health
There are many types of seniors
New channels to reach seniors
Cardio health shows how all other health areas will develop
Packaging key to seniors market
Tailor taste to an ageing palate
Key Trend 8: Who needs health claims when you have fruit & vegetables?
For consumers, convenient fruit = perceived value
Growing science base
Science + marketing = superfruit (and supervegetable)
Beetroot: a superveg is born?
Limited opportunity for health claims no barrier to success
Campbell’s V8: the rise of a fruit-and-vegetable nutrition mega-brand
Fruit and snacking
Key Trend 9: Dairy – science boosts its “naturally healthy” advantage
Science improving dairy’s image
Sports recovery revival
Key Trend 10: Good grains – set for growth
“Ancient grains” lend a health halo
Low GI back on the agenda
New life from “sustained energy”
PART II Micro-Trends
Micro-Trend 1: Sports nutrition - can it move from niche to the mass market?

Taking sports nutrition mainstream – every company’s ambition
Natural key trend
The undeveloped fruit and vegetable opportunity
Micro-Trend 2: Kids’ nutrition
1. Natural is the no 1 need
2. Snacking, beverages dairy are focus
3. Snacks+naturality = recession-proof brand
4. Fruit a key trend
5. Packaging innovation
6. Significant investment in marketing
Micro-Trend 3: Immunity
Regulation challenge
Fruit and veges offer a way forward for immunity?
Science crucial to claims
Micro-Trend 4: Diabetes
Fibre and good grains
Micro-Trend 5: Differentiate using packaging technology
Micro-Trend 6: Service with a product creates competitive difference
Two approaches to service
Service to become a standard for some health areas?
Micro-Trend 7: Smart thinking finds smarter ways to take health to market
An opportunity for small businesses?
Micro-Trend 8: The high-risk game of products for relaxation and brain health
Ingredient and product understanding vital
What goes up, must come down
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